Your Individual Pitfall Is a Strength in a Team Setup

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What is a pitfall?

A simple personality dimensional analysis classifies three main characteristics; strengths, weaknesses and potential pitfalls. It is not a confusion when a clear understanding of the difference between weaknesses and potential pitfalls manifests. Personality weaknesses are the areas of incompetence, while potential pitfalls are the excessive use of strengths. Usually, no person balances an adequate use of own strengths all the time. A person rather leans to overly depend on own strengths turning them un-consciously to pitfalls that others may perceive negatively. Some people are conscious though! Hence, pitfalls are potentially occurring by almost everyone.

Can pitfalls be useful?

No, is an abstract answer for this question! Weaknesses are the “less capability” and pitfalls are “extra capability”. Both aren’t useful for an individual. Furthermore, pitfalls become as irritating as weaknesses for a person on the individual level. The irritation gets more validated to that person when it impacts the social that bounces complaints about it back. Not all the social is aware if this is a weakness or a pitfall when they deal with you. Thus, people would finger point your pitfall behavior as an un-useful characteristic asking you to stop doing it!

“Only” in a team setup!

The hazardous impact of pitfalls is a false notion in an effective team dynamic. A team that has members with diversified characteristics and complementing functions is the only case where individual pitfalls serve positively. The pitfall in this case isn’t affecting its owner. The consequence of the pitfall is magnified to the team shared goal rather than personified to the individual limited function. It works as an echo through the team setup. A team is naturally big in terms of the mixed number of individual capabilities with the possible achievements this mix can reach. Consequently, an individual strength, when excessively practiced, spreads to each member in the team resulting with a fair dilution of that strength flood on each one’s role. Especially, if that team is muscled with a spirit of consciousness and appreciation to each other’s strengths.

In a nutshell, a pitfall is a potential individual threat yet a potential team strength. It requires self and team awareness of the strength usage amount. It remains a strength with a stable use on an individual level and endures as a power with a greater use on a team level.