Human Values That Can Be Measured

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You put high value on realizing and understanding the values that guide your thoughts and way of living. Your conscious or subconscious aim of finding meaning in life puts you in a constant striving mode to find an alignment between your beliefs, on one hand, and thinking, actions, and behaviors, on the other hand. This makes you the kind of person who continuously tries to examine things from all perspectives; and evaluate issues with impartiality. You are unlikely to jump to conclusions or base your decisions on subjective reasons or irrational thoughts. In fact, you might feel uncomfortable with not having enough information that would hamper you from providing credible justification for yourself or for others in regards to your actions or opinions. Accordingly, you tend to be flexible in changing your own perceptions in response to an increased awareness or knowledge of new facts or evidence.

Social Intelligence

You are the kind of person who just knows what to do as well as when and how to do it. You do not only have the self-awareness which makes you develop the knowledge about your own underlying intentions and dissonances. Having said that, you also have the kind of personal intelligence needed to perceive others better. In other words, you are capable of understanding, reasoning, and interpreting your own personality and personality-related behavior as well as that of others. This enables you to become more aware of the motives of other people not only yours. Additionally, your emotional intelligence makes you more skilled in recognizing and understanding your own emotions as well as those of others; and be more aware of what you have to do to manage, adjust, and regulate those feelings. This entails exhibiting a sense of empathy, and putting yourself in others shoes. Having these two types of intelligence makes you better able to deal and interact more effectively with people, within different social contexts and situations.


You emphasize the funny side of things as you place high value on seeing the light side even in the darkest situations. Your comicalness might reflect your appreciation of maintaining harmonious relationships and conforming to others as you are likely to use your playfulness spirit when dealing and interacting with others. In that sense, your sense of humor could be perceived as part of the art of getting along with others.


Making a difference within your community, work environment, or society at large is what drives your thoughts and behaviors. Being aware and conscious of the positive impact of applying such concepts as justice, equality, and impartiality on one’s self and others, therefore, guides your every day’s decisions and actions. In other words, these notions constitute a huge part of your value system, and are reflected in, both, the way you are honest with oneself and in your fair dealings with others. From a more action-oriented sense, you are more likely to advocate democracy and its constituents. You believe that all people’s rights should be respected starting from listening to their concerns, needs, and wants to the way these demands should be responded to without bias. On another hand, you tend to continuously revisit your own actions and decisions to ensure you are being non-discriminatory, equitable, objective, and fair-minded in your own relationship with others.


You are a thankful person who is willing and able to show and express appreciation, whether to certain people or in general. This is attributable to your belief in the value of building strong connections to the universe; and in your own way, this is how you see you can achieve this. You, therefore, tend to emphasize the value of what you already have more than what you want or desire.


The value you place on continuous growth, development, and self-improvement pushes your determination to accomplish whatever you aim for in the face of any obstacles or barriers that you might face. These hurdles may either arise internally from within oneself- given the common characteristics of human nature such as frustration, disappointment, and laziness- or from aspects of organizational culture or societal conditioning at large- which might be either contextual factors or opposition forces. Your industrious character, in fact, pushes you to exercise your emotional muscles and prolonged will, and self- motivation to finish what you start, complete tasks, and achieve objectives even if it takes a long time and requires exerting huge amount of effort.

Self- regulation/Self-control

Your self-esteem is highly connected to the degree to which you are capable of developing your muscles to control your own appetites and desires. Accordingly, you place high value on regulating how you feel, think, and behave. It is not only about how you control your actions and reactions, but, rather, about the degree to which you maintain emotional stability and steadiness during stressful situations. Your self-regulatory character is reflected in the way you evaluate chances, opportunities, and make your choices. It is very unlikely that you would compromise long-term gain to live a short-term contentment or joy.


You interpret the meaning of life based on a set of deeply entrenched beliefs, convictions, and moral philosophies that guide every aspect of your living. The way you believe yourself to be part of a greater being or connected to a bigger purpose define your role and, consequently, your perceptions, judgement, and actions. In other words, it is the way that you define how the universe operates, what shall be done, and how it should be done is what shapes your views, mold how you think, and influence your human relationships. These principles and virtues are the ultimate source of comfort and relief. Not only does it provide you with guidance, but with faith and purpose in life as well.


You are an authentic person who is driven by the motive for internal cohesion which pushes you to be sincere and genuine; and gives you the emotional strengths to act with integrity. Your courage in being truthful entails being honest with your own self as well as with others. In other words, your beliefs, thoughts, actions, and behaviors are likely to be aligned together, reflecting the values that you truly hold. Given this high level of self-awareness, you tend not to be afraid to take responsibility for your own actions as you believe that it is important that one is courageous even in the face of opposition- whether it originates internally from within your own insecurities and vulnerabilities or arises externally by resistance from other people, groups, or the society.


As a person who truly values human relationships and being close to people, you strive to maintain harmonious relationships with those around you. That is especially true for relationships where sharing and caring is reciprocated. Intermingling, communicating, empathizing, and relating to others, therefore, are among your top priorities in life. It directly relates to your belonging needs of feeling mutually related to, and connected with, others; something from which you derive a sense of safety and security.


You hold the values that altogether give you the characteristics and personality of a leader. You are a compassionate, dedicated, and responsible person who believes in deploying her/his capabilities to take charge and make a difference. As you believe in the true value of synergy, you strive to get people to work together effectively towards goal accomplishment. You believe in others’ capabilities, which accordingly makes you willing and trusting to empower them to get things done. You believe that others should be treated with dignity and respect, which continuously motivates you to give everyone an equal and fair chance to contribute and have a say. When exhibiting a high level of psychological maturity of having the aim to leave a legacy and fulfilling what one is destined to do, and a high level of personal consciousness to serve Humanity and preserving the well-being of future generations, you channel all your efforts to use your gifts and talents to influence others to make a real change.


You are an emotionally strong person who tends to embrace others’ mistakes and accept their shortcomings. At this level of personal consciousness where you believe that one must make a difference in her/his community, you perceive forgiveness as a necessity to be able to align with others and collaborate to make the real change. You are also likely to perceive revenge as a barrier that would impede you from achieving your own goals. You, therefore, have the tendency to give others a second chance by exhibiting self-control and temperance.


You are an optimistic person who always believes and feels that favorable things will be happening. You have positive future-orientation in terms of being certain that you can fulfill your dreams and accomplish your goals. In fact, you tend to have high level of self-efficacy and confidence in your own capabilities. The positive beliefs you hold about the future makes you more personally conscious that, on a broader scale, you can do good to Humanity and the Planet by channeling your efforts, skills, and talents to provide service to your surrounding community and society. This, therefore, becomes not only reflected in your actions but also in your interpersonal interactions and relationships.


You are an imaginative, ingenious, and a resourceful person. Your ability to see the world in a different view through unveiling hidden insights is what defines and distinguishes you. The internal alignment that you are trying to achieve through finding meaning in existence is what incentivizes your self-actualizing character to demonstrate your original and novel way of thinking. This becomes reflected in the unique way you interpret issues, see patterns, come up with new ideas or solutions, and conceptualize things in general.


You hold the core values that reflect your belief in the worth and significance of teamwork. These comprise: citizenship; social responsibility; collectivism; synergy; and loyalty. In fact, these values reflect part of your personal consciousness to continuously grow and develop the civic strengths which are relevant to your contribution in making a real difference in your community and society. It is, therefore, expected that you are perceived as a good team player in terms of your emotional commitment to the group, loyalty, and dedication.

Appreciation of Beauty

The way you connect to the universe is unique in terms of your perception of beauty. You have your own description of what makes things beautiful, what inspires you, and what makes you wonder. In fact, you have the tendency to notice beauty in various things; and these things vary across the various domains of life; including nature, art, and physical and biological sciences. This connects you more to your society, culture, or environment by large; and might be reflected in the way you define your invaluable role in serving Humanity and the Planet.


You have true passion for discovery and exploration. Your openness to experience makes you take an interest in, mostly, anything you are exposed to. These could be new places, countries, cultures, forms of art, or subjects and topics. In other words, you are roused by the surprises entailed in any situation or activity. This tends to be attributable to your aim of finding meaning in life. It could also be part of your ongoing attempts for self-actualization and the realization of your own potentialities.

Perspective [Wisdom]

You are an insightful, sensible person with an objective foresight and good judgement. You value rationality, reasoning, and impartiality; yet, consider emotions and feelings as well. The extensive amount of knowledge and broad experience that you have are integrated and combined with engaging in a never-ending process of introspection and searching for the truth to determine what actions should be taken or what opinions should be formed. For that reason, you are at the level of psychological maturity and development that makes you be perceived by others as a wise person with balanced attitude and points of view. In other words, you are not likely to take polarized stances with regards to any situation or topic as you tend to have the capability of balancing between what you think and how you feel. This is likely to make you more tolerant for the uncertainties of life as well as for people’s differences and mistakes.


As a person who values harmonious relationships, you place high value on keeping others feel safe and nurtured, taking care of them, and dealing with them generously. This reflects your deeply entrenched beliefs in the significance of belongingness and satisfying the needs of the human internal desire to be loved and taken care of while being part of something greater than themselves. This tends to be reflected in the way you are helpful, compassionate, sympathetic, and agreeable.


You are a courageous person who possesses the emotional strengths to demonstrate your own will in the face of any opposing forces. These forces may take the shape of resistance from people, parties, groups, or the society; or internally originated from one’s own fears and insecurities. You have the determination to think, speak, and behave according to what you believe in while resolutely confronting any existing or potential threats, challenges, or difficulties. The value you place on courage in that sense might be attributable to your deeply entrenched belief of the significance of letting go of the cultural conditioning process that defines how we perceive ourselves and who we are supposed to be. In other words, it is likely to be part of the natural stage of psychological development in which one seeks continuous growth and development. In that sense, you might be simultaneously seeking to establish your own perception of what your role is, what you should do, and, generally, how things should be.


You are a passionate person who possesses the emotional strengths that make you approach almost everything you do with much enthusiasm, energy, and intense enjoyment. This might reflect the stage of self-actualization at which you are simultaneously working to realize the fulfillment of your own potentialities while seeking internal alignment between your own behaviors and desires.


You are a wary person who puts high value on being cautious and on staying away from harm. You, therefore, tend to be careful in what you explicitly state, what you do, as well as in your decisions and choices. This reflects your self-defense mechanism that you -usually subconsciously- use in attempt to respond to your basic physiological need of staying away from any potential harm, whether physical or psychological.


As a humble person, you tend to be self-aware of your own strengths and weaknesses. This protects you against a false sense of pride which might hinder your growth and development. You tend to be generally open to continuous change and improvement, value constructive feedback, and perceive your mistakes and successes similarly as learning opportunities. In that sense, you perceive your role in contributing to helping others as critical; and, within a much broader context, are likely to deploy your skills, capabilities, and talents to fulfill your role in serving the universe.

Love of Learning

Knowing more, gaining mastery in new proficiencies and topics, and acquiring new competencies is what you unceasingly aspire for. Your curiosity to learn more is attributable to the desire you have for self-actualization, fulfillment, and the value you place on the significance of finding meaning in whatever you are doing. Your inquisitive character goes beyond becoming thrilled when you acquire a new skill or piece of information to the actual deliberate, systematic, and constant attempts to build your body of knowledge and engage in a life-long learning process for your own nurturance and development. This unquenchable thirst for information gives you a cognitive strength that is reflected in your willingness and motivation to spare time and effort to develop in new unfamiliar areas and fields; in which you seek answers for every question. You are, therefore, less likely to feel threatened when new information emerges or when you are put in a situation which necessitate deploying capabilities that you might not currently have. On the contrary, you perceive this as a new opportunity that you should positively exploit to learn more.