August 21, 2016


We Are Unique…So Are Our Learning Styles!

Individuals are unique. They think and behave differently, see things from diverse perspectives, have divergent values, and follow different beliefs. Our personality traits, motivators, formed assumptions, and the dynamics of many other aspects in the contexts we interact with and within shape our communication styles, approaches to comprehending, understanding, analyzing and interpreting issues, as well[…]


What is psychometrics?

Psychometrics is a scientific discipline concerned with the construction of assessment tools, measurement instruments, and frameworks and models that may serve to connect observable phenomena, such as behavioral indicators or assessment questionnaire responses to theoretical factors or attributes, such as competencies or intelligence.


Idea Meritocracy … A New Leadership Style

Idea Meritocracy is all about the belief that the best ideas win out. Following this line of thought, one should rigorously investigate her/his own ideas and be open and tolerant to other people’s ideas and viewpoints with the aim of bringing out the best ideas in people. Without tru idea-meritocracy ideas would be locked inside[…]


What are the assessment center exercises?

Assessment centers are common corporate practices to evaluate human resources for various organizational development purposes, ranging from employment to development and succession planning.  Role-play The candidate will be required to undergo the role-play exercise individually. Each assesses shall be requested to review a role-play case study, then meet with a role-player and an assessor. For[…]


Your Individual Pitfall Is a Strength in a Team Setup

What is a pitfall? A simple personality dimensional analysis classifies three main characteristics; strengths, weaknesses and potential pitfalls. It is not a confusion when a clear understanding of the difference between weaknesses and potential pitfalls manifests. Personality weaknesses are the areas of incompetence, while potential pitfalls are the excessive use of strengths. Usually, no person[…]


What is psychometric testing?

Psychometric testing is a scientific method that is used to measure individual’s mental capabilities and behavioural style. Psychometric tests are designed to answer one main question: “Is the candidate suitable for the role based on the personal characteristics he possesses?”. The tests are designed to measure the extent to which the candidate personality and cognitive ability[…]


Understanding Your Team Dynamics!

Diverse teams are smarter! An increasing body of research shows that non-homogenous teams simply perform better. Statistics show that “a diverse team can outperform homogenous group by up to 6 times”.  Diversity in that sense has generally been discussed from a gender, racial, ethnic, educational background & knowledge perspectives. However, recent research reveal that behavior is a[…]


Why You Need 360 Assessments?

It is very common that the perception one forms about her/his own behavioral tendencies, interaction approaches, and communication styles is different from the way people views her/him. We interact on daily basis with various people, on different levels, and while wearing different hats. It is, therefore, undoubtedly crucial to identify and understand how people truly view[…]

Learning Agility Assessment Solutions by ASSESS

Learning Agility

By definition, learning agility describes how naturally learning new things come to each individual. Those with strong ‘learning agility’: Professionals with high learning agility continuously seek new challenges, and are always trying to receive direct feedback to further improve their performance and enhance their techniques. Rather than choosing to shy away from opportunities of criticism[…]


Employees Are Not All Alike!

A recent study by ASSESS Talent Management HR Insights team indicates that your employees may not all be alike. The study that was conducted in the Egyptian market indicates that an employee may react differently to different engagement initiatives executed by the organization depending on multiple factors, which include gender and age. The insightful study[…]

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