Job Analysis

ASSESS’s job analysis service gives a clear, detailed, and precise clarification of what each job in your organization entails in terms of tasks, duties & responsibilities, work activities, knowledge, skills & abilities (KSA), and the competencies relevant for the effective performance of the job.

Assess Methodology

Strategy Review

An integral part of our job analysis is the organizational strategy review to ensure full alignment of the existing organizational design with corporate strategy. While our recommendation is to document the existing job profiles, it is important to identify the gaps between the existing and target job profiles. This will help focus future organizational restructuring iteration on closing the gap between both. The exercise involves a review of organizational structures of comparison group companies identified by the customer.

Information Gathering

Our primary mode for job analysis is interview with job holders and often with the subordinates of the job holders. The job analysis interview is usually preceded by a review of similar jobs in the comparison group companies and, when available, against industry standards for this particular job.  The job analysis interview is commonly delivered as a structured interview and will be undertaken by Senior Consultants at ASSESS Talent Management.

Information Processing

Upon completion of the information gathering phase, ASSESS consultants draft the job descriptions. We usually present the draft to the management for discussion before we publish the final version. During this step, some gaps or overlaps may emerge and they are often discussed with management to ensure the job designs are compliant with the organizational strategic perspective.

Job Descriptions & Specifications

Formal approval of the management is an essential step towards formalizing the job description document and setting it as the reference for various applications that range from performance appraisal to development and succession planning.