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Assessment can be a very useful tool for various talent management applications.

Our assessment solutions include tools for mass recruitment and selection, executive recruitment and selection, talent development, succession planning and leadership development.

Mass Recruitment & Selection

ASSESS offers a broad range of tools for mass recruitment and selection. Our tools include cognitive ability assessments, such as logical, verbal, numerical and analytical reasoning, in addition to personality and competency based questionnaires, motivation and interest questionnaires.

Executive Recruitment & Selection

Whereas the reference check, experience and proven track record play a significant role in executive hiring, it is important to combine the executive selection tools with psychometric assessment. Assessment reports that can shed light on personal strengths and weaknesses, and management and leadership style.

Talent Development

Because no one size fits all, psychometric testing can help organizations to make custom professional development plans that suit individuals. Assessment can help specify profile strengths and weaknesses. It can also help define the preferred learning style. In coaching context, psychometric assessment reports can play a significant role in shaping the coaching experience, helping the coach and the learner establish a common communication language to set goals and development plans.

Succession Planning

Assessment is a fundamental constituent in any effective succession plan. It establishes the playground for full exploration of individual interests and capabilities. Combined with assessment centers, computer-based assessment can be an important tool to identify development needs and measure the candidate readiness for professional growth.

Leadership Development

Leadership development plans can utilize assessment tools effectively by identifying the more prevailing style, strengths and interests. Assessment of leadership can utilize self-reporting mechanisms as well as 360 degree feedback. It can also focus on management quality metrics or organizational competency framework.