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Case Study

High Volume Campus Recruitment

Mass Recruitment | Banking

Mass recruitment and selection of university graduates using ability and personality assessments for various job functions. 

Post Acquisition Managers Assessment

Succession P… | Outsourcing

A holistic evaluation of the top-line managers after an international acquisition for new regional post-merger openings. 

University Graduate Admission

Selection | Higher Education

A standardized assessment suite for graduate student admission across multiple knowledge, personality and ability domains. 

Annual Technical Requalification Exams

Technical | Healthcare

An assessment of the technical knowledge of all healthcare company employees across a wide range of medical knowledge domains. 

Management High Potentials Identification

High Potential | Public Sector

A public sector competition that involved more than 5,000 participants across more than 10 publicly owned company with multiple assessment stages. 

Family Business People Practice Transformation

People Strategy | Retail

The transformation of HR and talent management practices at a family-owned company undergoing modernization into more progressive people strategies. 

Employer Brand Engagement Surveys

Engagement | Conglomerate

Conduct brand engagement survey across more than 40 subsidiaries and 1,750 employee.  

Organizational Learning Academy

Learning | Real Estate

A holistic evaluation of the top-line managers after an international acquisition of the to understand their skills gap.

Job Analysis & Organizational Redesign

People Strategy | Electronics

A comprehensive job analysis and benchmarking exercise against international competitors and organizational redesign. 

Annual Promotion Assessments

Development | Construction

Annual promotion competency and aptitude assessments to more than 1,000 employees.  

Public Sector Graduate Recruitment

Recruitment | Insurance

Mass recruitment assessments of aptitude and language skills and assignment based on career interest. 

Digital Transformation Assessment

Technical | Public Sector

A full suite of assessments of people’s digital skills and capabilities to support digital transformation.