October 30, 2014


ASSESS Talent Management is a talent acquisition and mobility company that specializes in psychometric testing and assessment software and business solutions. Our products and services range from testing development and delivery to assessment center development and operation, in addition to talent management analytics and consulting services.

ASSESS Products

ASSESS Psychometric Testing Products

Our award-winning assessment products have been recognized to be one of the few assessment products that have been tailored and calibrated for the local market in the Middle East & Africa.


To be the leading talent management software and technology company in the Middle East and Africa, and to set the national standard for talent acquisition and development.


To offer the nationally calibrated talent management products and services that help our customers realize full economic potential of talent management processes and procedures across organizations.



ASSESS Talent Management is building on its trustworthiness, by which we believe we will gain the trust of our workforce, partners, clients & market human capital. We focus on our credibility through partnering, keeping a high level of confidentiality and fulfilling the needs of our clients.

Equal Opportunity

We believe that equal opportunity is a fundamental human resource management policy and an undeniable right for talents all over the world, therefore we abide by this core value in all our talent management activities including our internal recruitment policy.


We strive to provide reliable solutions with valid results. We consider the special needs of each client and customize solutions accordingly. We define the quality of our work by meeting the clients’ satisfaction on their end results.