Personal Assessments

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Career Orientation

A RAISEC based career orientation assessment that guides career choices.

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PersonalityPlus is a comprehensive personality report with 32 dimensions, narrative profile, strengths, development areas, team roles, triggers and leadership styles.

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Focus is a cognitive ability assessment with 7 different modules.

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State-of-the-art cognitive ability assessment based on our computer adaptive testing CAT technology.

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Short-to-medium term motivators and drivers that influence our behavior.  

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Competency based assessment with 26 competencies and behavioral drivers.

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Leadership Potentiality

Leadership Potentiality is a leadership-focused assessment that covers 6 fundamental pillars of leadership including personality characteristics, motivators, growth-mindedness, business acumen and agility. 

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A basic personality profiler with 16 different personality profiles that is suitable for a broad range of development applications.

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Leadership Styles

Leadership styles is an essential leadership development tools for new managers.