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ASSESS provides cutting-edge assessment technology and business solutions that range from computer-based assessments on one end to behavioral and situational assessment centers on the other end.
Basic Employability

ASSESS Basic Employability tests include a range of cognitive ability modules that evaluate the general intelligence of the candidate. The modules include logical reasoning, problem solving and language comprehension.


ASSESS Career Orientation assessment identifies the ideal career profile and helps in exploring the career path most suitable for the candidate based on a set of questions covering realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional interests.

ASSESS Leadership Styles

ASSESS leadership styles is a focused leadership questionnaire and report that determines the leadership style and the leaders perspective on several dimensions. The leadership styles assessment is also available in 360 degree format.


ASSESS Insights is a suite of HR and organizational development survey tools that allow the HR management to conduct management quality, employee engagement, employee satisfaction surveys, stay surveys, exit surveys, and 360° feedback reports.


ASSESS Aptitude is a computer-adaptive test that determines the candidate’s cognitive ability. The modules include logical, numerical, verbal and analytical reasoning in addition to language vocabulary and comprehension.

Situational Judgment

ASSESS situational judgment is a custom assessment based on organizational values, culture and preferences and is constructed by focus on critical incidents. ASSESS SJ is a preferred selection tools in many modern organizations.

Employee Engagement

Our employee engagement is an organizational survey that tackles that most critical factors that drive employee satisfaction and productivity at work. Employee engagement may be an off-the-shelf or a custom questionnaire.

Team Theme

Team Theme is a team effectiveness and evaluation tool that helps develop team dynamics within your organizations. It helps identify the key roles each team member plays and defines most effective ways for team interactions. It serves as an effective team building tool.


ASSESS Emotional Intelligence is an assessment on constituents of emotional intelligence. The comprehensive questionnaire covers positive and negative expressiveness, emotional mirroring, emotional decision making and emotional stability.

ASSESS Motivation

ASSESS Motivation is a comprehensive motivation questionnaire that covers 15 different extrinsic and extrinsic motivators that shape our short term employment needs and preferences for potential employability.


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Organizational Assessment

Flexible Plan
  • ASSESS Organizational Development Index
  • ASSESS Employee Engagement Survey
  • ASSESS Stay-in Survey
  • ASSESS Cultural Climate Survey
  • ASSESS 360 Leadership Review
  • ASSESS Management Quality Survey

Assessment Per Unit

Flexible Plan
  • ASSESS Focus
  • ASSESS PersonalityPlus
  • ASSESS Occupational Competency Model
  • ASSESS Emotional Intellgence
  • ASSESS Leadership
  • ASSESS TeamTheme
  • ASSESS Motivations

Annual Subscription

Unlimited Access Plan
  • ASSESS Focus
  • ASSESS PersonalityPlus
  • ASSESS Occupational Competency Model
  • ASSESS Emotional Intelligence
  • ASSESS Leadership
  • ASSESS TeamTheme
  • ASSESS Motivations

About Assess

"Insights Beyond"

ASSESS is the winner of the 2015 Entrepreneurship Award from the American University in Cairo Venture Lab. Our award-winning bi-lingual Arabic and English assessment and CAT platform was designed with focus on the local talent market, fully calibrated and customized to address the business needs and competencies sought by local employers.


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