Types of Assessments

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ASSESS Talent Management is a provider of cutting-edge assessment technology and business solutions that range from computer-based assessment on one end to behavioural and situational assessment centres on the other end.

Ability Assessment

Ability assessment is one of the cornerstones of ASSESS Talent Management’s competency framework. It is founded on the premise that the general ability is correlated with on-the-job performance, and that candidates scoring higher on general ability are likely to outperform the average in different assignments required by the job.

Personality Assessment

We are firm believers that diversity is what makes great teams. We also believe that people are likely to be more productive and engaged when they do tasks that match their abilities, skills and personalities.

Job Knowledge Assessment

At Assess, we have a modular approach to assessment construction that enables us to develop and maintain job-related assessments that can help outstanding candidates to outshine their peers, and helps employers select the most qualified for the job in an efficient way.

Behavioral & Situational Assessment

Our experience in behavioural and situational assessment helps us to create the most advanced assessment centre capability for our customers.