Why You Need 360 Assessments?

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It is very common that the perception one forms about her/his own behavioral tendencies, interaction approaches, and communication styles is different from the way people views her/him. We interact on daily basis with various people, on different levels, and while wearing different hats. It is, therefore, undoubtedly crucial to identify and understand how people truly view us to gain better self-awareness and develop our ability to respond appropriately to different social situations based on its nature, needs, requirements, and the challenges it entails.

Why 360 Degree Matters?

When it comes to one’s Managerial or Leadership Style, this is particularly very crucial. Stepping up to the mirror and comparing own perception to the perspectives of those with whom one interacts – whether subordinates, peers, or managers –   about her/his leadership tendencies and behaviors is critical to maximizing leadership proficiency and effectiveness.

In today’s dynamic business environment, being aware of what constitutes our areas of strengths, development , and potential is crucial for improving the impact that we have on maximizing performance and achieving goals from our positions as leaders, managers, or executives. A 360 degree Leadership assessment serves as an effective tool for gaining a bird’s eye view on one’s leadership style. It identifies how a person sees her/himself as a leader, how others see her/him as a leader, and if there are commonalities or discrepancies between both perceptions.

ASSESS Talent Management is launching a 360 degree Leadership Styles Assessment that determines how the candidate scores across six Leadership styles /approaches as identified by Daniel Goleman; namely: Coercive, Visionary, Affiliative, Democratic, Pace-setting, and Coaching. In this assessment, the candidate responds to various statements based on her/his own self-image and perception about her/his tendencies and behaviors. On the other hand, the candidate’s colleagues- whether peers, subordinates, and/or managers- also respond to various statements that reflect their own perception about the candidate’s leadership tendencies and behaviors.

How We Can Help?

The 360 degree Leadership Styles assessment provides the candidate with feedback about others’ perceptions on her/his leadership styles/approaches; and, thus, help the candidate in comparing the perception s/he has for oneself to that formed/perceived by others. In other words, it provides the candidate with objective and realistic evaluation of her/his capacity, skills, and effectiveness as an executive, leader, or manager.