What are the assessment center exercises?

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Assessment centers are common corporate practices to evaluate human resources for various organizational development purposes, ranging from employment to development and succession planning. 


The candidate will be required to undergo the role-play exercise individually. Each assesses shall be requested to review a role-play case study, then meet with a role-player and an assessor. For a set period, the assesses should deal with the role-player according to the stated dynamics and objectives of the case.

Presentation Assessment

The presentation exercise is done between anassessee and an assessor after providing the first with a case study requesting the preparation of a presentation. The assessor, on the other hand, will discuss the presentation with the assessee analyzing his/her findings.

Competency-based Interview

The CBI is a one to one interview between an assessor and an assessee covering the set of targeted competencies. From the real-life situations that the assessees are required to tell in details, the assessors must put their observations and compare them to the target level of competency behavioral indicators.

Negotiation Assessment

The negotiation assessment activity splits candidates and role-players in two different stakeholders to try as opposing groups to agree on a shared result. The challenge is reaching an agreement after overcoming a number of debates stated in dynamically in the case to bring equal bargaining powers to both stakeholders and leaving no authoritative status to one party over the other. Assessors observe the bargaining and evaluate results candidates would reach.

Simulations Assessment

The simulation exercise is based on an interactive game that is assigned based on the target competency to be assessed. It has a metaphoric style of experience that show the candidate behavior in a situation, task or a project that is similar to what may be faced in the work context. Assessors evaluate candidates based on dynamics and results or each simulation.