ASSESS Launches TeamTheme

ASSESS launches the TeamTheme assessment product. The assessment identifies the ideal role for the candidate within a team. The assessment helps team members relate and connect to each other by understanding strengths and potential interest of everyone. It serves the need for facilitating teamwork, and may be applied for team building applications. Team Roles The[…]


TalentHub is ASSESS’s new assessment provisioning system, a platform that reduces the hassle of token management and enables the HR management to focus on what matters the most. TalentHub creates and emails assessment links automatically, and emails back the results once the assessment is completed.  

ASSESS Values Launched

ASSESS Values and motivators evaluates 24 traits that influence human behaviors and defines boundaries and motivators for actions. This assessment simply defines your beliefs and the reasons behind what you do. It highlights your motivations and what’s important to you.  

ASSESS Leadership Style Assessment Released

ASSESS Leadership Style assessment evaluates 6 critical workplace leadership traits which will help in identifying which leadership styles you are good at and which you may need to develop further.

ASSESS Launches its Situational Judgement Assessment

The assessment determines behavioral tendencies of the candidates and a better overall picture of the candidates’ aptitude for a certain job. ASSESS Situational Judgement assesses how an individual will react or behave in different business related situations, hence evaluating the effectiveness of his/her responses and highlighting developmental needs.

ASSESS PersonalityPlus 3X is now available!

ASSESS Talent Management announced today that the PersonalityPlus 3X R1 was released. The new assessment report provides insights about more than 30 traits of high degree of relevance in the workplace. The new assessment builds on more than 24 months of psychometric research by ASSESS team. The new assessment is delivered in English, standard Arabic[…]

MS Excel® Assessment Product Launch

ASSESS Talent Management, Cairo-based psychometric assessment start-up, launches a new ASSESS Knowledge family product for assessment of MS Excel®. The new product enables the hiring manager to evaluate the candidate’s data processing competency and familiarity of the popular software package.

ASSESS Open Competency Model Launched

ASSESS has officially launched its Open Occupational Competency Model O2CM. The company has decided to build its new competency model under a creative commons license.

ASSESS @ Step Digital Conference in Dubai

ASSESS participates in this year’s Step Digital Conference in Dubai. During the exhibition ASSESS showcases its latest technological developments and recent product updates to conference participants.