Assessing values sheds light on important motivations and characteristics of talents at your organization. ASSESS Values assessment covers a wide range of human values:

  • Appreciation of Beauty
  • Capacity for Love
  • Citizenship / Teamwork
  • Curiosity
  • Equity / Fairness
  • Forgiveness / Mercy
  • Gratitude
  • Hope / Optimism
  • Humour / Playfulness
  • Industry / Perseverance / Persistence
  • Integrity / Honesty / Authenticity
  • Judgement / Open-mindedness
  • Kindness / Generosity
  • Leadership
  • Love of Learning
  • Modesty / Humility
  • Originality / Creativity
  • Perspective / Wisdom
  • Prudence
  • Self-regulation / Self-control
  • Social / Personal / Emotional Intelligence
  • Spirituality / Religiousness
  • Valour / Bravery / Courage
  • Zest / Enthusiasm / Vitality


  • We speak people. We understand how to realize their potential and drive behaviour change.
  • We understand work. How to organize it and get it done as effectively as possibly.
  • We dig deep. We provide granularity on organization structure: roles, accountabilities, decision rights, rewards, the competencies you need in your people and how to drive behaviour change.
  • We’re collaborative. We build the solution with you so everyone feels they have a stake in its success.
  • We define the standard. We built the region’s most widely used competency framework, job evaluation methodology, and our powerful scenario-planning software accurately anticipates future workforce needs.
  • We are data driven. We own the most comprehensive people databases in the world. We understand exactly what drives success in the workplace.
  • We’ll see it through to the end. We don’t just provide a blueprint for success, we support organizations on every aspect of implementation.

Our thoughtful, data-driven approach supports our clients as they make critical choices about their people, their product and their plan. And our technology identifies unprecedented opportunities and efficiencies. The result? A holistic, achievable blueprint for success – guiding businesses through each critical step in their organizational growth and evolution.