ASSESS Motivation is an assessment that helps in pinpointing and identifying the candidate’s motivators across 4 major clusters of factors, namely: Physiological;  Relatedness;  Growth; and Work Dynamics-related factors. The candidate is assessed on 15 sub-dimensions to identify the factors that contribute most and least to her/his motivation to work and perform, as well as those factors that reduce her/his motivation to work. This assessment, therefore, provides in-depth insights to the candidate’s underlying motivations; thus helping in matching the right candidate to the right job and culture (hence, person-job fit and person-organisation fit). Furthermore, it provides valuable information that would guide an effective process of compensation and provision of incentives. ‘Immersion’ is to be added as a 16th sub-dimension. This is related to deep mental involvement in tasks, entailing deep thinking and reflection.

ASSESS Motivation Questionnaire Report

ASSESS Motivation Questionnaire report provides a detailed description of the candidate’s critical motivating, non-motivating, and demotivating factors. The report clarifies, on a broader level, whether the candidate is intrinsically or extrinsically motivated; and, on a narrower level, which of the measured factors contribute the most and the least to, or have no effect, or have negative effect on her/his motivation. The 15 sub-dimensions across which the candidate is assessed are as follows: Material Rewards  and Job Security as  Basic/Physiological aspects;  Teamwork and Affiliation as Social Affection Relatedness factors; Power & Status and Recognition as Self-Esteem Relatedness factors; Achievement, Autonomy, Advancement, Development, and Pressure to Succeed as Growth Factors; and Flexibility, Variety, Competition, and Job Challenge as Work Dynamics-related factors.


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