Our Construction development team is comprised of the preeminent talent management consulting minds in the industry, strategically located in key business aspects. With our broad product knowledge, unparalleled intellectual property assets and detailed understanding of real estate development, construction and contracting segments, we deliver a full range of consulting solutions, including organizational strategy, leadership development, and strategic executive search. We work with forward-thinking organizations to drive development, accelerate readiness, reduce risk of executive transition – and swiftly and accurately make the critical talent decisions needed to proceed confidently into their future.


  • We speak people. We understand how to realize their potential and drive behavior change.
  • We understand work. How to organize it and get it done as effectively as possibly.
  • We are here. We are the only R&D driven occupational psychology company head-quartered in the Middle East.
  • We dig deep. We provide granularity on organization structure: roles, accountabilities, decision rights, rewards, the competencies you need in your people and how to drive behavior change.
  • We’re collaborative. We build the solution with you so everyone feels they have a stake in its success.
  • We define the industry standard. We built the region’s most widely used organizational and people assessment tests.
  • We are data driven. We own the most comprehensive people databases in the region. We understand exactly what drives success in the workplace.
  • We’ll see it through to the end. We start with the end in mind, we support organizations on every aspect of implementation.

Our thoughtful, data-driven approach supports our clients as they make critical choices about their people, their product and their plan. And our technology identifies unprecedented opportunities and efficiencies. The result? A holistic, achievable blueprint for success – guiding businesses through each critical step in their organizational growth and evolution.