Sales Force

Sales leaders are painfully aware of the fact that buying behavior has changed more in the past few years than it did in the previous twenty. Today’s customers have access to a vast array of information – from suppliers, purchasing consultants, and social networks – that promote independent decision-making. It’s not unusual for a customer to complete more than 75% of their purchase journey before they ever engage a sales person. While technology enables suppliers to offer more complex, expensive and risky solutions, it enables customers to become far more risk averse, bringing more and more stakeholders to the table to weigh in on the purchase decision. This is leading to a drawn-out consensus-building process that often results in no decision for the seller. Quotas are being missed, confidence is waning, and discretionary effort is slipping, creating a self-propagating downward spiral of sales productivity.

While technology enables suppliers to offer more complex, expensive and risky solutions, it enables customers to become far more risk averse.

Clearly there needs to be a change in the way that organizations engage customers. Sales transformation, however, is easier said than done, and failure rates are high. We guide organizations through large-scale sales transformations, enabling them to deliver sustained, profitable growth through effective sales execution. We do this by aligning go-to-market strategy with the company’s growth strategy, ensuring that the right people are in the right roles, and that sale professionals have the right tools, skills and mindset to be effective. Our solutions ensure that pay and rewards systems incentivize and motivate the right behaviors. And we create positive climates of success that reward excellence and build confidence – to reverse the spiral and generate dynamic upward organizational momentum.


  • We speak people. We understand how to realize their potential and drive behaviour change.
  • We understand work. How to organize it and get it done as effectively as possibly.
  • We dig deep. We provide granularity on organization structure: roles, accountabilities, decision rights, rewards, the competencies you need in your people and how to drive behaviour change.
  • We’re collaborative. We build the solution with you so everyone feels they have a stake in its success.
  • We define the standard. We built the region’s most widely used competency framework, job evaluation methodology, and our powerful scenario-planning software accurately anticipates future workforce needs.
  • We are data driven. We own the most comprehensive people databases in the world. We understand exactly what drives success in the workplace.
  • We’ll see it through to the end. We don’t just provide a blueprint for success, we support organizations on every aspect of implementation.