Our “ASSESS Club” is a comprehensive annual subscription based educational program to train HR and Talent Management Leaders across the organizations on the strategies, tactics, tools and techniques that can be deployed for an effective people-focused organization.

Delivery Method

Our program is delivered online throughout the year in the form of learning bites, delivered by top industry practitioners, exclusive content and assessment credit to a wide range of assessment tools.

Lecturers & Instructors

  • Mr. Ahmed Saleh, MSc Organizational Psychology, Founder, Praise-ME
  • Mr. Mohamed El-Shafie, Co-Founder of ASSESS Talent Management
  • Dr. Nellie El-Enany, PhD, the American University in Cairo
  • Ms. Noha Gamil, PhD Candidate, MSc Statistics, Partner & Data Analytics Director, ASSESS Talent Management
  • Ms. Passant Bassem, Master of Public Administration, MCA, Partner & Product Development Director, ASSESS Talent Management
  • Ms. Samar El Saadani, MSc, Consultant
  • Mr. Yasser Shaker, Founder, Optimistic Spark


  • Introduction to Psychometrics
  • Talent Pipe-lining: Profiling & Screening
  • The Big Five
  • Positive Workplace Psychology
  • Critical Talent Management
  • Assessment Center Design
  • Standard for People Assessment
  • Neuropsychology & Modern Assessments
  • How Social Media Profiling & Sentiment Analysis Works
  • Assessments in Learning
  • Psychodynamics & Individual Differences
  • Interpreting Assessment Reports
  • Assessment of Organizations
  • Modern Applicant Tracking Systems Techniques
  • Assessment Difficulty & Discriminatory Power
  • Coaching with Assessments
  • Emotions in the Workplace
  • The Big Five & The Trait Theory
  • Nurture vs. Nature
  • Learning: Conditioning, Reward, Habits & Drives
  • Colors of Intelligence
  • Assessments As Tools for Thinking
  • Vocational & Avocational Interest
  • Career Profiling & Counseling
  • Leadership Assessment
  • 360 Degree Feedback: Self-Perception & Blind Spots

Content Format

  1. 12-month subscription to ASSESS Club
  2. Bi-weekly 1.5-hour live webinars and learning bites
  3. Weekly insights
  4. 5-10 minute recorded videos
  5. 500-1000 word articles
  6. Audio content
  7. Forums
  8. Quizzes
  9. Talent Hub Assessment Credit