Personality 101 – The Manager’s Edition

Ever heard of Cambridge Analytica? Taken any Facebook quizzes? Have been requested to do a questionnaire for a potential promotion? If yes, you have been encountered with personality science. Personality science has become one of the hottest topics in the past few years. It has been claimed to affect the American elections if you have been following. In this program, you will understand more about personality, how it is measured, different theories about personality and personality application in organizations. “Personality 101” is intended for to give an introduction for HR professionals, psychometric assessors, coaches, human performance professionals, OD professionals and psychology enthusiasts on the basic theories of personality and their applications on individual differences.
In order to offer you this course, we have revisited six text books on personality psychology, personality course syllabi from top universities and tens of journal articles.

Program Objectives

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  1. Observe and describe simple human behavior
  2. Differentiate between different aspects of personality and related theories
  3. Explain basic concepts in different aspects of personality.
  4. Recognize different behavioral patterns among individuals

What you will not learn in this course:

  1. Abnormal Psychology
  2. Personality Disorders

Program Details

Personality Theories
What is a Theory?
What makes a theory useful?
Personality Defined
Clues to Personality
A Brief History
Theatre and self-presentation
The Lexical Hypothesis
The Personality Puzzle: Different Aspects of Personality
Psycho-analytic Aspect
Personality Structure
Levels of Consciousness
Defense Mechanisms
Neo-analytic Aspects of Personality
Levels of Conscious
Functions and Attitudes
Individual Psychology
The Role of Birth Order
Striving for Perfection
Basic Anxiety
The Role of Goals and Life Tasks
Biological Aspect: My genes made me do it!
Charles Darwin
Behavioral Genomics
The Four Temperaments
The Concept of Heritability
Twin Studies
Biological Contributions to Personality