Competency-based Interview (CBI) Workshop

Workshop Objectives

This competency-based interview (CBI) workshop will enhance participants’ skills, knowledge and confidence in recruiting and selecting the right team member for the job. It will help reduce staff turnover by ensuring that your selections are of the right caliber. Using competency based interviewing techniques will help identify those that will perform well within your team and also be a closer fit for the role.

We recommend that the CBI workshop is embedded with a few of the core competencies used in the majority of jobs within your organization. This improves the consistency of selection decisions. This workshop is available in a 2-day or 3-day formats.

By the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to:

participants will have:

  • Conduct a competency based interview, using a variety of techniques such as the STAR method.
  • Learn how to acquire evidence through effective questioning and listening skills
  • Position competency based interviewing in the context of your organization
  • Format and develop techniques of a competency based interview
  • Review of candidate ratings and recommendations
  • Score candidates without bias and make the right candidate selection

Workshop Outline

Context for Competency Based Interviewing

  • What are competencies and competency frameworks
  • How they benefit the organisation and their people
  • Practicing skills of interviewer, note taker and observer

Planning and structure

  • Layout and tips for a competency based interview
  • Preparing and briefing the candidate
  • Timing and structure for each competency
  • Using the WASP interview structure

Effective Communication – Questioning & listening skills

  • Competency question examples
  • Using the STAR questioning method
  • Analysing responses to questions
  • Observing behaviours and differing responses
  • Linking responses to the competency frameworks
  • Using the listening ladder

Making the selection decision

  • Scoring, evaluating and rating
  • Developing a scorecard evaluation system
  • Moving to the next stage in the selection process

Review and next steps

  • Application of learning and next steps
  • Further support

The Competency Based Interview course is supported by:

  • ASSESS PersonalityPlus psychometric test report and CBI question examples
  • ASSESS CBI templates


Individuals who already have some experience in recruitment.  Additionally it is suitable for team leaders, managers and directors.