March 12, 2018

ASSESS Occupational Competency Model (OCM)

ASSESS Occupational Competency Measurement (OCM) assessment identifies the candidate’s tendency to demonstrate the relevant competencies and work‐related behaviours critical for the job. This is
generated from ASSESS PersonalityPlus 36 model that covers 36 personality traits. It assesses the candidate’s knowledge of the measured competencies as well as her/his tendency to possess the critical and relevant skills.


The OCM Model reports on 12 competency clusters, measuring 24 individual competencies. It captures 4 main competency domains representing 4 broad areas of competence; namely: Cognitive; Management and Leadership; Execution; and Interpersonal. Each of these domains consists of clusters, reflecting the groups of competencies which are similar in terms of the skills and behavioral abilities needed to
demonstrate them effectively.


ASSESS OCM Applications

ASSESS OCM is a general purpose computer-based ipsative assessment questionnaire that takes 35-40 minutes to complete. It can be incorporated in various solutions, including mass and executive recruitment, talent development and succession planning.