December 15, 2018

ASSESS Career Orientation

ASSESS Career Orientation helps you identify the careers most suitable for your personality type, based on a set of questions covering your interests, motives, skills, values and preferences. The model used is based on Holland six personality types, first developed in the late 1950’s:
  1. Realistic
  2. Investigative
  3. Artistic
  4. Social
  5. Enterprising
  6. Conventional
This report on career orientation gives you a deeper understanding of yourself and guides you in deciding on the career path you ought to pursue.

How are career assessment helpful?

Career assessments are beneficial for both the employer and the test taker. For the employer, it will give an overview of the person being hired in regards to his personality and determine if his/her interests, values, motives and preferences match with those of the job opportunity available. This would help save time and effort, the interview may focus on other important aspects that cannot be covered in a self-reporting assessment or even ask about certain aspects that have been reflected in the report that the interviewer needs further understanding of.

Why do career choices matter?

Working in a fulfilling career increases happiness, self-confidence and productivity; thus, enhancing the company’s performance. Consequently, when the employer is about to hire a new employee, the career assessment could be the instrument that determines the decision and open up the opportunity to both the employer and the employee to build a partnership together where it is a win-win situation to both parties- all based on the result of the test.

What are the career options?

Career orientation options are determined by pairing of types, so for example an investigative realistic types my be advised to work in engineering or technical jobs, whereas an investigative artistic type may flourish in psychology, anthropology, political science or video editing.