March 23, 2015

Media & Publications

Recent publications and white papers issued by Assess Talent Management.

Findings of A Stay Survey of a Big Local Company in The Egyptian Market

Introduction Talent Management, embodied in attracting, retaining, and motivating superior employees is a critical issue as it is amongst the top concerns for modern corporations. The turbulent economic and social contexts push organizations to strive to be a talent magnet for the best employees in the labor market, and exacerbate the necessity of deploying effective[…]


Assess 3E’s Framework For Graduate Recruitment

Graduate recruitment is becoming an increasingly daunting job. All stakeholders seem to be frustrated for a reason or another.  Recruiters face a huge pressure to deal with the recruitment backlogs with little success. The recruiters’ complaint is twofold. First, there is a common belief among human resource professionals that graduates lack the necessary skills despite[…]

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