May 31, 2016


What are the prerequisites to the assessments?
  • 2 MB internet connection
  • Windows 7 or higher
How are the assessments operated?

There are 2 different ways:

1) A link is sent from ASSESS to the user. The user is then asked for login information (username and password) and a unique token which will be provided by ASSESS. This takes the user to the first page for entering demographics and then beginning the assessment.

2) Using our Talent Hub platform to send assessments to the email addresses of the assessees or launch bulk assessments simultaneously using an MS Excel email list.

How long is each assessment?
Some of our assessments do not have a time limit for completing but they usually take our candidates 30-45 minutes. Others, such as our aptitude assessment, are timed for completion in 90 minutes.
What is the maximum time that can be spent on the assessment?
Our assessments are timed; per question or per section in some cases. Assessments that are not timed can be taken for an unlimited time as long as the session does not time out.
Can specific modules of an assessment be taken instead of the whole assessment?
Assessments which are made up of more than one module can be customized to consist of only specific modules in order to fit the assessment needs.
Is there more than one version for each assessment?
There is more than one version for our ability assessments. However, ASSESS recommends that the same version of the assessment should be given in each assessment round to make sure that results are compared across different assesses in a fair manner.
Are the reports instantaneously retrieved as soon as the assessment is submitted?
All reports are retrieved as soon as the assessments are submitted. Depending on the user’s preference, assessments can be submitted without viewing reports. ASSESS will then send the reports in PDF format separately.
Can the same assessment be taken from more than one PC?
The same assessment can be taken from more than one PC as long as the session (5 minutes) does not time out.
Can links be sent to individuals?
Links can be sent to individuals, however, ASSESS recommends that they are sent to the HR personnel/supervisor.
What happens if network issues are encountered while taking the assessment that result in a session timeout?
Since tokens are for one time use only, users who encounter issues of session timeout will need to get back to ASSESS for a token replacement.
On what basis are the job knowledge assessments built?
Job Knowledge assessments are built as per the client’s needs and depending on the level of difficulty required and the material provided.
What is the minimum/maximum number of assessees in an assessment center?
Each assessment center is designed for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 assessees per day.
How are ASSESS assessments validated?
Our assessments are established through vigorous psychometric research by ASSESS team and are based on credible and reliable models and sources. ASSESS team goes through a continuous process of validating the assessments based on large scale testing and scientific research and analysis.